Loren Cook – High Wind and Hurricane Fans

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Loren Cook Company’s “Hurricane Rated Construction” option is developed for the demands of high wind and coastal areas.  Through rigorous research and testing, this option is designed to meet three of Miami-Dade County’s Testing Application Standards: TAS-201, TAS-202 and TAS-203. In addition, all of these products have received approval from the Florida Building Commission. To […]

Learn more about Vibration Isolation options from Loren Cook

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Loren Cook Company offers a full line of vibration isolation accessories to meet all your installation demands.  There are many different isolator styles, each suited for specific applications. See section “Mounting Selection” for selection guidance on proper isolator type and deflection for your specific installation Click on the image below for more information.

COOK Mobilizes in response to COVID-19

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Loren Cook Company has mobilized to provide essential products during these trying times. We are working hard building ventilation products critical to the health care industry including hospitals, labs, COVID-19 testing facilities and other essential businesses. We, your local Cook rep are the ‘boots on the ground’, communicating with local health care entities and business, […]

6 Tips on Designing for Sound with Terminal Units

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How to implement effective acoustic design with terminal units As anyone wearing headphones at the office to keep coworkers from bothering them can tell you, noise is an issue in public spaces. While the primary focus of HVAC systems is temperature and humidity control, experienced designers know that controlling sound is vital to a comfortable […]

New automatic balancing damper

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The Ruskin ABD-FD automatic balancing damper and curtain fire damper assembly is the only unit in the industry that combines an ABD with a UL555 1-1/2hr static-rated fire damper to meet building code requirements. Click on image below for more information…